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2014-01-31 17:25:45 by LunacyEcho

Apparently, it's high time I wrote one of these news post things.


Hi. Chances are, you'll know me as LunacyEcho, the musician who you probably stumbled upon by accident. Unless, of course, you saw one of my reviews and clicked me, thinking it would be interesting. There's also the chance you came here because you saw a link in someone else's news posts. In fact, there's many different ways you could've heard about me and reached this message. 

I think that the beauty of a site like Newgrounds is not only that you can share stuff you create with other people, but if you submerge yourself deeper within inner Newgrounds, you'll find that the people you follow or watch can lead you to other people as well. For example, the main reason I'm as popular as I am now (comparatively popular to my older self, not the rest of Newgrounds) is because of steampianist, who not only scouted me for the Audio Portal but recommended people to listen to me in one of his news posts. I love it when people do that. It allows more people to access more and more things, leading to a general sense of enrichment.

I think I'll pay the universe back a bit and recommend someone else who, like me, recently emerged onto Newgrounds and started uploading stuff. LucidShadowDreamer. He's a great musician who, with some more practice, has the potential to be the next mini-Step. Sadly, he's going to do military stuffs, so he's going to be uploading a ton of stuff he's already finished over the course of the next year or so. I'm still looking forward to it, and I hope every (if any) one who reads this checks him out as well. 


I think the reason I spend so much time in Newgrounds is because I like making people happy. I review things to show people that they deserve attention, I upload music for people to listen to, and now I'm recommending people so that the recommended and the recommendees both get some benefit. In fact, the only person who doesn't really benefit is me, since I've already heard of everyone I'm recommending and I'm just wasting precious time typing this up. I'm doing this for you, guys. It's all for you.


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2014-01-31 23:30:34

Hi LunacyEcho. I think it's great that you're so altruistic in your approach to using the Internet. A lot of people on this site are always looking for attention and self-voting their own submissions and stuff...Tbh, the only reason I clicked on your channel is because you favorited me, but I think you produce some really good content, man. Also, you live in China?! That's so cool! Nothing exciting ever happens in suburban Massachusetts! XD

LunacyEcho responds:

Thanks a lot! I think something as wonderful as the Internet should be used for benefit of the general populace, not necessarily just individual gain (except in very special circumstances). And, yeah, due to a series of very strange events, I now live in China. It's quite nice; I'd recommend visiting unless you enjoy little privileges like having conversations with the locals or, y'know, breathing (goddamn pollution).


2014-02-01 06:56:35

Wow Thanks for that shoutout!
And I can really relate to this news post of yours.

I'll still be around for a while though (military starts in 5 months, matriculation exam in 1 [I should start reading]... :p), so after a month or so I will try to upload something NEW, and better produced.

You really seem like one of the nicest dudes one can find online :'D

(Updated ) LunacyEcho responds:

It'd be even nicer if I had a bit more followers. :P Nah, just kidding. I'm completely happy with what I have.

I'm only nice if you don't piss me off. Then I can get quite nasty. At least, I think. I've never Internet raged at anyone before, although I've definitely done so in real life. It's kinda hard to get annoyed at someone over the Internet, because you can always type stuff out and delete it without sending. I find that helps me when I'm in a bad mood.

Good luck in your exam! And I hope you get more followers soon!


2014-02-02 20:11:48

Well, this accidental path to your profile yielded something very exciting...'A Catchy Newgrounds Medley' was a delightful little track. Great composing, friend!

I wholeheartedly agree with you when you say that making fellow artists and users happy is a primary reason for your presence on NG. There's no better feeling for me when an artist (or musician, developer, animator or whichever) gives me detailed review responses about how they find my words helpful or appreciative.

An example of a 'happy user' moment that I was met with came from Troisnyx, when I told her that I was going to buy an album from her. She re-designed her Bandcamp page before I even got there to buy it. I felt welcomed, and was really glad to support her music!

Anyway, I've chucked you an unquestioned follow and I'll be sure to check out Lucid's works as well. Also, I've just realised that you're like a prime reviewer for johnfn...very thought-out and extensive comments, great job! It's people like you that keep this site alive, you know.

Take care and keep up the music.


LunacyEcho responds:

Well, it's like the great philosopher Confucius always said: "If you want a bunch of views on your Newgrounds channel, put a ton of random reviews around everywhere and hope people randomly discover it."

It's great that I'm not the only one that feels so optimistically about Newgrounds' potential for mutual benefit (I mean, it's kind of obvious that it would happen, but yours are the kind of examples that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside).

Ha... I'm not johnfn's prime reviewer. That distinction goes to TheDoor6, who was reviewing his stuff LONG before I came around.

Thanks for the follow!


2014-03-19 06:57:39

"Chances are, you'll know me as LunacyEcho, the musician who you probably stumbled upon by accident. Unless, of course, you saw one of my reviews and clicked me, thinking it would be interesting."

UNLESS I'M ME (you know me).
keep writing!

LunacyEcho responds:

Yup. I know you. And now you're creeping me out online as well as in real life. :)

Have fun starting your Newgrounds career!