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Hyakugojyuuichi!! Hyakugojyuuichi!!

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I doubt the number of people who see this will be as many as if I posted it much longer ago, but I hope it helps future watchers make more sense of this video.

The reason this video is so good isn't because of its content. Its content is complete crap. It's the most random stuff you could ever find on the internet in 2001 and the middle fingers make it unsuitable even for little children. But it's the effect that this video had that makes it so revolutionary.

This video caused the rise of Animutation. That fact is known to many, but the few who aren't aware of it or stumbled across this by chance were blown away by its initial stupidity and couldn't grasp that it was, as many have said previously, the ORIGINAL internet meme. This conglomerate of randomness caused many others to create things like it, introducing the concept of Animutation to the world. Bravo.

A bit more background: As many also know, the soundtrack of this video is the song 'Hyakugojuuichi', meaning '151'. It's the first Pokemon credits song. It's quite catchy, too. Neil Cicierga, the creator of this thing, claims to have been inspired by several sources, most notably Japanese commercials and Hatten är din, a Swedish flash animation. THE MORE YOU KNOW

TL;DR: Basically, this wasn't much of a review, but more of an explanation to the slightly more ignorant ones out there who were watching this video and wondering what the hell is going on. Congratulations. Now you're slightly less ignorant.

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