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Hyakugojyuuichi!! Hyakugojyuuichi!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I doubt the number of people who see this will be as many as if I posted it much longer ago, but I hope it helps future watchers make more sense of this video.

The reason this video is so good isn't because of its content. Its content is complete crap. It's the most random stuff you could ever find on the internet in 2001 and the middle fingers make it unsuitable even for little children. But it's the effect that this video had that makes it so revolutionary.

This video caused the rise of Animutation. That fact is known to many, but the few who aren't aware of it or stumbled across this by chance were blown away by its initial stupidity and couldn't grasp that it was, as many have said previously, the ORIGINAL internet meme. This conglomerate of randomness caused many others to create things like it, introducing the concept of Animutation to the world. Bravo.

A bit more background: As many also know, the soundtrack of this video is the song 'Hyakugojuuichi', meaning '151'. It's the first Pokemon credits song. It's quite catchy, too. Neil Cicierga, the creator of this thing, claims to have been inspired by several sources, most notably Japanese commercials and Hatten är din, a Swedish flash animation. THE MORE YOU KNOW

TL;DR: Basically, this wasn't much of a review, but more of an explanation to the slightly more ignorant ones out there who were watching this video and wondering what the hell is going on. Congratulations. Now you're slightly less ignorant.

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2P Robot Jumper 2P Robot Jumper

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a fun game. :) The aesthetics aren't that good, but the story cracked me up and the nonsense names and the weird design of the robots are absurd and hilarious.

I wish there was a one-player version of this! Two players is SUCH A HARD CRITERION TO FULFILL OMG

Still, it's fun! Aside from the 2p part, it's not that original of a concept for a game, but at the end of the day, it was just a fun little arcade game made to experiment with a new software, right?

Good job! Looking forward to more games from you in the future, whether they be Construct, Stencyl, or anything else that might strike your fancy.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for reviewing all these small projects of mine, regardless of quality XD!

I feel that the plot is the best part of the game, due to its ridiculousness :D
The aestetics are bad indeed; I put next to no time on anything but the "programming".

Yeah. I didn't really have anyone to try the game with, so I played a single player mode to see how long I could survive, while I was making teh gameh. The single player version wasn't that entertaining, but while listening to something else in the background it was fun to play, as it demanded no real concentration.

The game is definitely not original, and it was definitely only a small result from experimenting with a software I had never tried before.

I am positively surprised with Construct 2, but I will probably stick with Stencyl, as I'm more used to it, and it feels more comfortable to me. Sadly, I won't make a new game for a while I think... Only 2 more weeks, and I'm being drafted D:
(I might not be able to leave many reviews for a while, unless I get a good phone that can actually be used for something else than calling [as well as a lag simulator]).

GravityAbility GravityAbility

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a really fun game with a really interesting mechanic! It's a shame that it's gotten so many zero-bombs; difficulty learning a language should never be a reason for people to give bad ratings.

I'm pretty sure I understand how this thing works now. From someone whose first language is English, here's my version of the rules:

1. If you click a bright square, all the colored blocks that are on a horizontal or vertical axis to it come flying towards it, stopping one square away from the one you clicked.

2. The goal is to match the colored blocks to the matching colored squares.

3. Squares stop being bright when it becomes impossible to reach them. For example, pretend that light can only more horizontally and vertically. If the colored blocks are in the way of a square so that light cannot get to it, it will stop being bright.

An example of the rules in action: On level one, if you click square directly underneath the blue block at the very top, the block at the very bottom comes flying up to one square away from the square that you clicked. Since you clicked the square, it becomes the source of the light. The block that just came flying up is blocking that light from spreading to the other squares, making them all dim.

I hope that makes sense and clears things up a bit for anyone who doesn't understand! (In all honesty, I didn't really understand until a friend explained it to me. :P )

Logicalcell, I hope you aren't too sad because of the negative comments people are giving. I know learning a language can be hard (speaking from experience here), but keep making more games! The ones you are making are fun, and you'll only get better at English. Keep it up!

logicalcell responds:

Thanks very much for native explanation and encouragement.
I make an effort to get a English and lucid user interface.

Drop Up Drop Up

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a really fun game! It's not original. So what? It's still stupidly fun and frustrating at the same time.

I really enjoy the mechanics of this one. You seem to enjoy having interesting, button-pressing-based mechanics! I love that kind of puzzle game, which probably explains why I like this so much.

The phrase "you need to go deeper" is pretty awesome. I never realized how, well, deep that phrase was until now. It's like you're slowly drilling into the inner mind of the subject, plunging deeper and deeper into darkness as the levels proceed... (a macabre thought more fitting for your previous game, actually.)

Speaking of levels, I think they definitely could've been numbered. Also, there could be like a 'level select' thing at the beginning of the game, which you could go back to as you please. I played this game in several short segments, since I was pretty busy during the day with only short interjections for game-playing, and I was pretty dismayed to find that there was no way to make a save state. :(

The music is really nice, although you definitely could've used sound effects. Maybe you should've hired someone? I dunno.

After getting two levels past the halfway point, i am definitely at my breaking point. Even when using the "flying" technique, I still can't get past it. I wish I knew what was at the end! Why did you have to make it so hard? :D

Great game! Looking forward to more Stencyl masterpieces in the future!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for another long and positive review! You are amazing o.O

I'm glad you like my game mechanics. While I think the music (art) and atmosphere are important, the gameplay usually makes the game. I also wanted to be at least a bit original with this game, so although it's not unique, it puts its own spin on the theme.

I like the phrase "you need to go deeper" too!!! Well... I DID make it so... It was inspired by the theme being "Beneath the Surface". I felt that a dimension "beneath" the real one wasn't enough for the theme, so I made the game even... Deeper.
The theme would be pretty fitting for my previous game! Then again, That game was also so dark (the shadow too) that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to see anything if the screen was any darker XD

Aaaahhhh, the level select... I would've wanted to make one for sure! The time limit though... Maybe I will update this at some point, after the contest is over... I would like to make a simpler, randomly generated mobile version too!!! (Do you think that'd be an idea?)

The save/load function DID work for you though, did it not? It's possible to reset the save, but not to select specific levels :( The game should autosave, and send you to the level you left on :)

"Maybe you should've hired someone? I dunno."

=> Heh, good one.

"After getting two levels past the halfway point, i am definitely at my breaking point"

Only three levels more! I will here spoil what happens at the end. You notice how every level gets daker? At the end, there's only a black screen...

Why did I have to make it so hard? I guess that I personally like difficult and challenging games. Although, I'm pretty good at games in general, so I guess I accidentally apply my own skill as the standard gaming skill, which might be a mistake...
Also, I made all the levels, so it's always much easier for me to beat them than it's for others...

Once again, thanks for the review! I'll try to make even better games in the future!

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My Firefly My Firefly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

johnfn singing when

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johnfn responds:

I HAVE MELODYNE ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME (heh that almost rhymes)

Osman - "Power! Rushing Burstman!" (NGADM) Osman - "Power! Rushing Burstman!" (NGADM)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man, with that level of alliteration, you could probably rewrite the entire Series of Unfortunate Events haha

I love the massive amount of flavor in this track! The way you made descriptions for each of the different levels in the track not only enhanced the listening experience, but also shows how much detail was put into the making of the track itself :P :P

Also have you ever used breakbeats before? I've listened to some of your stuff and have been really impressed by it, but I've never heard anything quite like this, and I'm again impressed at how well you use the different musical elements!

pls pls pls make this game a reality and write the soundtrack. I really wanna play it! And good luck in the NGADM!! :)

RetromanOMG responds:

Hey there! When I started out, seven years ago, Breakbeat and Breakcore were actually my primary production styles. I'm a bit self-conscious about how my older songs sound, but if you'd like an example of how I was doing Breakbeat in 2010, I'd recommend listening to "The Fire Behemoth."
(Not sure if links even work in comments, but eh)

It's been a very long time since I've done a song like this, but it was so much fun to take this genre that I used to love and inject everything I'd learned over the years into it.

I don't know any game devs, but I think I'm going to work on building an EP off of the song ideas I've established with this track, because believe me, there's a full song in my head for every unique part of this track.

Gladiolus Gladiolus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

fun facc gladiolus was the winning word in the first ever scripps national spelling bee

etherealwinds responds:

words were so much easier in spelling bees in 1925

chihuahua was the winning word from 1967 can you believe it

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Winterscape Winterscape

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Dream diary? Cool idea!

But why are the craters only on the top of the moon?

Snow seems a little crude, but trees, background, and snowman are all eerily beautiful. I'm not much of an art guy. :P Good work!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Dream diaries are cool, and really help a lot when you want to be able to recall most of your dreams. They're obviously not my idea though; it's actually a pretty big thing o.O

"But why are the craters only on the top of the moon?"

=> Why indeed?

I guess... Laziness?

Maybe I should redo this piece sometime. That time, WITHOUT USING STABILO PENS XD
This was drawn in school while I was bored and listening to a teacher. I still like the end result because of the atmosphere surrounding the drawing.

TaintedLogic Logo TaintedLogic Logo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sweet logo! The only thing that I dislike about this is that the doorway has no bottom, but at least it's justified by the fact that the doorway is just a smaller version of the line separating the T and the L.

I guess you're starting something new, hm? Best of luck with your new persona!

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TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks a lot, LunacyEcho! I really wasn't expecting this to get much attention. :) Yeah, I guess I understand what you mean about the doorway, but I remember thinking to myself "isn't the bottom of the doorway just the floor?" Well, details, details. If I REALLY wanted to, it would probably only take 10 minutes or so to make a bottom of the doorway, but I think I'm done working on this for a while. ;P I'm not really sure I'm "starting something new." I don't feel that different as a person. It's kind of like your birthday. Is there really that big of a difference between 15 years and 364 days and 16 years? Anyway, I'm rambling because I don't want to finish my English essay. DX Thank you so much for the review, LunacyEcho! ;D

Road to Darkness Road to Darkness

Rated 4 / 5 stars

To me, this looks good. Then again, I'm no artist. If I was, I'd probably say something like 'the chiaroscuro from the dichromatism evokes a sense of haunting ambience'. But I'm not, so I won't.

I really enjoy the shading you did on the mountains. Sure, it's not the best shading in the world, but I think that the shading is what makes the mountains seem surreal, not necessarily the shape. (Sorry, TheDoor!)

The trees look creepy and spooky, but they don't necessarily look like trees. I think trees should have a larger concentration of branches higher up on their bodies. Right now, they look way too skinny and scrawny. Also, that one tree on the far left? The one that has a branch that just sticks out? The OCD in me is bothered by this. Another thing: Why are the trees on the right smaller than the ones on the left?

I'm also kind of confused by the long, beige-ish strip in the middle. It sort of looks like the whiter ground is snow, while the beige-er ground is clear of snow, but that doesn't really make sense. Why would the snow choose not to fall in a single area? And if it's supposed to be a different color because of all the people who traveled on it, why aren't there footprints/tire imprints/elephant tracks/etc. on it? It's like the point in the middle is hell, and all the damned driven there via Zamboni. There's an interesting image, I guess.

The one-point perspective was pretty well done. The smaller trees on the right side make it feel kind of lopsided, but even if this was a mistake, it gives a sense of skewed-ness, which I like. It really plays upon the image of an insane, manic depressive, schizo, psychotic individual that everything you put on Newgrounds seems to help portray. :D

This was one of my most nitpicky reviews of all time. I really enjoy it, though. And it's a thousand times better than my artwork, trust me. Great job! Four stars for effort and putting up with my scrupulousness!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, wow! Thanks for such an amazing art review! I never expected to get 3 reviews, not to speak of GOOD reviews, on this artpiece that I just casually uploaded XD Especially since I'm not a scouted artist! One can't help but love you people :3

"Then again, I'm no artist."

=> You know, everyone keeps saying that, as if I were an artist, lol!

OMG, the lighting and the shading from the two colors used give the piece a spooky atmosphere? Good one, LunacyEcho ;)

I'm glad you like the shading one the mountains, since I experimented a bit with that :p And I agree with both you and Andrew about the surrealism!

"The trees look creepy and spooky, but they don't necessarily look like trees."

=> Fair enough. I agree that they should have more branches if this was to be a realistic piece, since I don't think that these trees would have any chance of keeping their leaves otherwise. I guess I just really didn't care XD
I'm sorry for disturbing your OCD while it was napping D: ! It's not the only branch that sticks out, but it's probably so close to the "camera" that it's irritating :) It would be the same if this was real life, and you had an irritating branch that covered part of your visual field this close to you; maybe I'm just sadistic >:)
Actually, I looked at the original today, after I found where it was hidden, and this image doesn't include the very edges, due to poor optimization. Oh well :p

Why are the trees bigger on the left side? (*the excuse generating machine starts working*).

Oh, you see, isn't that obvious? The slight tilt of the "camera" and the twisted nature of the piece, not to mention other things that alter the perspective, only give the illusion that the trees to the left are larger! Ehem...
I don't really know. Some of the trees are same sized, but you're right in that the trees - especially the closest ones - are smaller on the right side :/
Meh :'D

"I'm also kind of confused by the long, beige-ish strip in the middle."

=> Actually, I was about to do somthing about it, but my art teacher told me to leave it be :p So that's the story... (I think she just wanted me to be finished, so that we could move on to the next subject...).

Let's just pretend that it is indeed the land of the dead, and it's so dry and empty of life that not even snow dares come close to it >:( !!!

"It's like the point in the middle is hell, and all the damned driven there via Zamboni."

=> Yup, that's why.

"The one-point perspective was pretty well done. The smaller trees on the right side make it feel kind of lopsided, but even if this was a mistake, it gives a sense of skewed-ness, which I like. It really plays upon the image of an insane, manic depressive, schizo, psychotic individual that everything you put on Newgrounds seems to help portray. :D"

=> Awwww, thanks :') It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that I'm filling all of your minds with terrifying nightmares, dark thoughts, as well as the growing suspicion that I might be mentally unstable :'D

"This was one of my most nitpicky reviews of all time. I really enjoy it, though. And it's a thousand times better than my artwork, trust me. Great job! Four stars for effort and putting up with my scrupulousness!"

=> And I enjoyed your review for sure!!! I'm sure you can do incredible pieces of art, if you just spend time on them! Personally, the only reason I was inspired to draw was because I couldn't really do much else in art class XD
Thanks again for the review!!!